• Delivery and set up, 10% of rental total, non-refundable

  • Rush Orders, Rental Orders placed 7 days or less prior to event date are subject to a 20% rush order fee 
  • Late fees; the full rental rate for each item not returned for each additional day with a one-day grace period. 
  • $25 order change fee if a client has changed their order more than 3 times
  • After hours surcharge (for deliveries/retrievals between 8pm and 8am) $125
  • If delivery and/or pickup attempt is made within the allotted time, but we are unable to access the venue or an onsite contact, additional delivery fees equal to 50% of your delivery fee will be access in cases where we need to return for a 2nd delivery/pickup
  • Exact delivery/retrieval time requested: $50 (each)



  • All reservations require a 50% non-refundable retainer, signed rental agreement, and a non-refundable delivery and set up fee of 10% of your rental order
  • All rentals must be finalized at least 30 days prior to the event date with payment in full
  • Anything rented less than 30 days prior to the event date requires full payment
  • Orders under $100 require full payment
  • In the event the reservation is canceled prior to 30 days you will forfeit the non-refundable 50% retainer. If the cancellation is within 30 days of the event you are responsible for 100% of the rental agreement
  • a quote does not guarantee the availability of any items in your quote until payment is received
  • Accepted payment methods are cash, venmo, zelle, check, or apple pay


Changes and Cancellations

  • Items may be swapped for other items or equal or greater value. An additional deposit may be required
  • If any changes occurs, the invoice is revised and requires client signature for approval
  • Any calceled item(s) will result in a loss of deposit paid on those specific item(s). Deposit will NOT be applied towards the final balance due
  • If reservation is canceled within 30 days of the agreed-upon event date no refund of deposit or final payment will be given
  • Items may be added up until a week prior to your event date. An additional deposit/payment may be required


Rental Period

  • Our rental rates are based on 24-hour windows. We’re happy to deliver 24-hours prior to the event and pick-up 24-hours after the event at no additional cost beyond our standard delivery fees
  • Any rental requests for an extended period of time (longer than 3 days) may be eligible for an extended rental discount


We are located in Menifee, CA and deliver in a 20 mile radius. Delivery will be included in your quote.

Delivery Charges include: 

  • Driving to your venue
  • Delivery all rental items in your order
  • Setting up all large furnishing, installing backdrops etc.
  • Driving back to my place of storage
  • Returning to your venue for retrieval at the end of your event
  • Driving back to my place of storage
  • Time and labor to unload the delivery vehicle and place items back into our storage
  • Mileage is based on mileage from our storage facility to your event location for both delivery and retrieval

Delivery charges do not include:

  • Setting, styling, or placing your rentals where you want them. You must be sure where you want me to set up/install, I am not here to style for an hour

Delivery fees assume the rental items are being placed in one level area within 50 feet from the delivery vehicle. Failure to notify us of delivery conditions may result in additional delivery fees including:

  • Delivery or retrieval of orders that are further than 50 feet of the delivery vehicle
  • Delivery involves carrying items up or downstairs
  • Delivery or retrievals made outside our regular business hours of 8:00AM to 8:00PM

Other important delivery policies:

  • We require a 2-hour window of time to deliver items and a 2-hour window of time to arrive for retrievals
  • Any deliveries and/or retrievals requiring a smaller window of time including an exact arrival time are subject to a $50 fee
  • If event space is not ready for delivery or your event runs over time and rental items are not ready for pickup at the agreed-upon time, you will be charged $75 for every 15 minutes of waiting time
  • Your venue is unattended and no one is available to sign for the delivery
  • If a delivery and/or retrieval attempt is made within the allotted time, but we are unable to access your venue or an onsite contact, additional delivery fees equal to 50% of your delivery fee will be assessed inacses where we need to return for a 2nd delivery/retrieval. This includes:
    • Venue doors are locked/inaccessible
    • Rental items will NOT be delivered to an outdoor location to be left in the rain. A backup rain plan such as a tent or other covered/indoor are must be established in advance. Augustti Envisioned reserves the right to cancel the delivery without prior notice should an adequate location not be available



  • All orders are subject to a damage waiver which is equal to 10% of the rental fee. This covers minor damage issues. This is not coverage for damage due to neglect or misuse (eg rental items left out in the rain uncovered and unprotected) nor does it waive liability for loss caused by abuse, vandalism, theft, unexplained disappearance, or shortages. All broken or damaged items must be saved and returned to AE for the waiver to apply. 
  • Damages include: cigarette/cigar smell, spills, water damage, chips, cracks, stains, and tears. 
  • AE will send an invoice for any damage, cleaning, or repair fees within five business days of the event. 
  • Damaged or missing items must be reported to AE prior to the event or the items are considered received and in good condition.